Is Bitcoin mining still a viable option for investment

Is Bitcoin mining still a viable option for investment

For those interested in learning more about or investing in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a great place to start. Created ten years ago, Bitcoin was the first successful decentralised cryptocurrency and is still one of the leading cryptocurrencies today; despite many more being created. Investors that are new to the cryptocurrency industry oftentimes ask the question, “Is Bitcoin mining still viable?” The answer is yes.

Simply put, Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoins. Through mining, cryptocurrency investors can verify, store, and secure transactions made with Bitcoins. However, since Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created a decade ago, many people have switched from mining their own Bitcoins to buying them instead. Bitcoin mining only remains profitable for those countries that have a very low electricity cost. While buying and trading Bitcoin is profitable, a rumour has been circulating lately that this is the only way to make money using Bitcoin- and this is far from the truth. Many people believe that the only people who can still make money by mining Bitcoin are those who invest exorbitant amounts of money, but this is also false.

For the small fee of USD $25, you can start mining Bitcoin yourself through the Dragon Mine. In order to mine Bitcoin, all you need to do is obtain and properly record Bitcoin transactions in the blockchain. Bitcoin functions as a decentralised cryptocurrency system because there is no one person or entity that keeps track of all transactions. Instead, these transactions are made through the blockchain and recorded by Bitcoin miners, who are then rewarded in Bitcoin for their service. While it may be “easier” to buy and trade Bitcoin, the answer to the question, “Is Bitcoin mining still viable?” yes because mining is the foundation of the cryptocurrency. Millions of people are protecting their assets and getting rich through Bitcoin mining- and you can, too!

Lifestyle Galaxy Bitcoin Mining new Security measures

Lifestyle Galaxy Bitcoin Mining new Security measures

The safety and security of Lifestyle Galaxy Members is their top priority and has invested a lot of time to make certain their Members have the tools to protect their personal information. Lifestyle Galaxy security experts have now created a system that has succeeded in being highly secure preventing unwanted hacking attempts and attempts to defraud the Company.

This new security measure was introduced after some members tried to defraud the Company by claiming that their accounts had been hacked. Lifestyle Galaxy then designed and upgraded core security systems similar to those that protect the funds of financial institutions. They claim to have better security features than most systems in the world, working constantly to mitigate new threats.

The pin code system

The Pin Code System is now automatically enabled on member’s accounts as a new security feature. It works by sending a six digit pin code to the email address on their file. When you or someone attempts to log into your account, a pin code email is sent. The pin code system has to send you an email, so may frustrate some members if their mail is snail mail.

The Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

The Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step verification security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves. This allows better protection to the members of Lifestyle Galaxy. Two-factor authentication methods ensure users providing a password as well as a second factor, which could be a personal question, finger print or even a facial scan.

  • Members who have the 2FA turned on are able to log in immediately without needing a pin code.
  • Turning the Two-factor authentication on will automatically turn the Pin Code system off.

It is faster to login with the Two-factor authentication than with the Pin Code system. When your Two Factor Authentication has been configured correctly, you will find it easy to use and much faster and secure than the Pin code system. Lifestyle Galaxy recommends to all its member’s to use the Two Factor Authentication, as it encourages their members to become security conscious.

Mining Certificate for Lifestyle Galaxy cryptocurrency mining

Mining Certificate for Lifestyle Galaxy cryptocurrency mining

The Mining Certificate, referred to as the Certificate of Purchase, is now accessible to all members. Each mining package purchase will give you your unique mining certificate for each mining package you have purchased.

Each Mining Certificate is fully customised for each member’s purchase. It does not only reflect the dollar amount of the mining equipment entered into the system, but also a time stamp down to the date, time and second that the purchase was entered into the system .A uniquely designed Dragon Mining emblem is used for each document.

Most of the information has been available on the member’s back office suggesting that the new owner views the agreement before the purchase. The new version will be printable, where each Mining Certificate comes with its own “Certificate of Authenticity verification code”.

Lifestyle Galaxy has the most trusted and transparent cryptocurrency mining operation in the world, taking huge steps forward demonstrating that they really are leaders in the cryptocurrency mining industry.