Profit Trailer

The smartest Cryto currency trading bot. Trusted by over 20 000 traders.


Multiple Buy & Sell Strategies. We have BB, EMA, SMA and DCA Strategies.


Great community and support. We have Telegram groups in English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Nordic, Hebrew and Korean.


Make profits while you sleep. Trail the trends with us.

Get An Overview Of Your Trades With Our Clean And Unique Interface


ProfitTrailer the Crypto Trading Bot

ProfitTrailer is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The GUI can be used on all devices connected to internet.


A modern Dashboard where you can see your Balance and Values. You can also see your profits and other bot settings.

Possible Buy Log

This is where you can see the potential buys your bot will buy. This can be adjusted in the bots configs.

Pairs Log

This is where you have an overview of all the coins you currently have bought. If they are here they are waiting to be sold.


Dollar Cost Averaging (Martingale) This is a special feature of the bot, where you can get rid of your bags.

Pending Log

This is the place where you see your pending orders. There is a few features in the bot where you can control this.

Sales Log

This is the place where you see your sales. This is probably the favorite place in the GUI for most people. Everybody loves their sales.

Dust Log

You find here all the pairs set by the exchanges as dust but traded by the bot.


Now you can edit your settings straight from the GUI with a beautiful and easy to use editor.

SOON: Notifications

Get heartbeats and other notifications in the GUI

SOON: Localization

Change the GUI to your own language. Maybe you want Chinese or Norwegian. Your choice.

SOON: Currencies

Change values from USD to EUR, or maybe GBP or CNY and many more. Your choice!

What You Get

  • Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • Multiple Buy-Sell Strategies
  • Passionate Community
  • Lifetime License
  • Amazing GUI
  • The choice of 1, 2 or 3 licenses and exchanges

Set Up

Not Tech Savvy?…….. or you just need assistance with the bot set up and hosting. Setups include: Create VPN,Enable GUI on Users PC,
Enable Monitor on Users PC, Configure for Budget, Configure Application Properties and more.

What Are They Saying

Bought this 1/9/2018 and setup took about 15 mins (I am tech savvy) and connected to my Binance account successfully. By this morning I had 8 sales in my log. It does what I tell it to do. Conservative .95% profit target and results were between 1.0% and 2.24% profit. Very nice out of the box for being my first trading bot. Nice Telegram group to be a part of as well. Recommended!

Besides taking the load of doing the day trading oneself, and doing it better than oneself: it is a very interesting piece of software that had taught me a lot about trading in general. I thought it would automate my obsession, therefore alleviate it. However, now I got a new addiction! (thank you for that… I am not being sarcastic).

I used another cryprobot before, but after I started with ProfitTrailer my profit have increased and my bags are also gone. +++ for the GUI


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